Does Imposter Syndrome Got You Stuck?

5 ways to overcome feeling like a fraud in your business

Stop Feeling Like a Fraud in Your Business!

Imposter Syndrome. Have you heard of it? It’s when you feel scared you’re going to get found out — for being the fraud you think you are.

Imposter Syndrome is not that we set out to intentional defraud people. It’s more that feeling that we are living a life of success that does not belong to us. That sense of I am not worthy of transformation, growth, successes I am living, and soon someone will find out and take it all away.

We all have days when we don’t feel we are doing a great job, but when this happens on a daily basis, it’s time to work on it. We hold back our growth and get stuck.

Some of the ways Imposter Syndrome might show up in your life:

  • You worry people will discover you’re not as good at (fill in the blank) as they originally thought, so you stop speaking of your dreams and growth.
  • You downplay how you got to where you are. Perhaps you put your success down to luck, a mistake, saying ‘anyone could do this’ despite having relevant credentials and/or experience.
  • You disregard people’s compliments. You think they’re saying it because they feel sorry for you, or some reason — other than it being the truth.

I suffered from Imposter Syndrome early on as a coach and trainer. It all started when my others started questioning why I did things a certain way.

It was messy. I second-guessed everything I did. I doubted myself at every turn and had to double-triple-quadruple check myself constantly. My brain decided that others comments and questions weren’t them trying to learn. Instead, I decided I wasn’t good at what I do and that their questions were pick axing at me and my success looking for the flaws.

Logically this didn’t make sense. I received excellent feedback from clients, but logic doesn’t come into it when it comes to Imposter Syndrome and limiting beliefs!

Recently, Imposter Syndrome reared its head again. As I said I was a writer, I know my abilities to speak and train are strong but writing more directly grammar has been a weak skill for me, and the fear of being called out for a misspelling or dropped punctuation leads to a lot of procrastinating on getting the multitude of books I have outlined written. I became so consumed by the what if I am not any good what if I get found out as a fake. I was focused on one thought I wouldn’t be good enough, might fail and would be exposed as a fraud. Lucky I have a strategy to overcome Imposter Syndrome when it starts to show up in my life.

Over the years I’ve collected some strategies and tips. Below I will share what’s worked for me — my Top 5 Tips for overcoming Imposter Syndrome. And these are also what I work on with my clients when they are fearful about being visible in their business.

Here are 5 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome:

1. Get Gooder at What You Do

This might sound odd but, even if you’re good at what you do, get better. Give yourself evidence that you’re improving. I like to say “keep getting gooder don’t worry about great”

As you build on the skills you already have, your confidence can’t help but grow.

2. Celebrate You! With a ‘Happy Things’ or ‘Compliments’ Journal

When people say nice things to you, or you get lovely testimonials from clients, learn to graciously thank them. No justifications. No saying, “Oh that was easy” or, “It was really my graphic designer” or some other way of denying it relates to you.

Instead say, “Thank you” and acknowledge the ‘gift’ they just gave you. Accept that someone took time out of their day to say something lovely to you when they didn’t have to. Acknowledge it, own it and write it down as a reminder of how fabulous you are for when the imposter bug comes back to bite you.

Store all these compliments in a folder — either online or in paper form. Then when you need a boost, go and take a look at all the nice things people have said to you. It’s proof!

3. Stop Comparing Yourself!

If you’re in business, and especially if you’re online, it’s very easy to notice what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to get into a space of, “So and so is doing so much better than me” or, “They get more comments on their posts than I do.”

Forget what other people are doing. Mind your own business (in the most polite way possible of course). Focus on your business, not theirs. Focus on your journey, not theirs.

The reality is that they’ve had different life and business experiences that brought them to where they are. Social media can make anyone look like a celebrity — when the reality might be very different.

Instead, show up as 100% you, and you’ll attract the right people to you. There’s no need for comparison.

4. That’s What Friends are For

The one thing friends do best is tell you to, “Get a grip!” and make you laugh at yourself. They will help you realize you are, in fact, good enough and an awesome person — both in business and life. Talking about how we feel shines a light on it — and we all know as coaches that the first step to change is awareness.

So if you’re feeling vulnerable, share with one or two really good friends. They can usually call you out on your nonsense and help you get a fresh perspective.

5. Get a Mentor

Finally, working with a mentor or a coach to build your skills and develop a clear action plan helps enormously.

Whether it’s your coaching skills, business skills, working on your confidence/mindset, just get the support you need. If you allow Imposter Syndrome to fester, you run the risk of not being able to serve your clients in the best way possible, and that would be such a waste with all you have to offer. Having a coach allows you to have a safe place to speak about your frustrations and fears and develop a strategy to move you towards the next best step and then the more just beyond that.

In Summary

Know that you’re not alone! Get a hold on Imposter Syndrome before it gets hold of you — it’s all about building your self-confidence up.

If you are ready to start Living Your Life Of Success, let’s talk.

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I help business owners to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. So they can stop feeling like a slave to their business.

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Eric G Reid

Eric G Reid

I help business owners to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. So they can stop feeling like a slave to their business.

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