Indie Authors: Master the Art of Soliciting Book Reviews That Sell

Eric G Reid
3 min readJan 18, 2024

As independent authors, we thrive on book reviews. They’re our lifeblood, the pulse that can quicken a reader’s interest and boost sales. You might know that testimonials are potent sales tools, but there’s a craft to eliciting the kind of feedback that doesn’t just praise but persuades.

What I’m about to share isn’t just about getting testimonials — it’s about enriching them, turning gold into diamonds.

The Unsung Power of Enriched Testimonials

Testimonials come whether you seek them out or not, but with a bit of effort, the quality and quantity can increase exponentially. The true magic lies in what happens after you receive one.

The Strategy: Enriching Testimonials

When a reader takes the time to share their thoughts on your book, it’s an opportunity. I always reach out to them for a phone interview. Most readers are delighted and agree to a recorded conversation. Here’s the five-question roadmap I follow:

1. Origin Story: How did you find out about my book? This connects the customer’s discovery journey to potential readers.

2. Overcoming Skepticism: Were you skeptical before you bought the book and why? This question is crucial — it forms a bridge between the skeptical prospect and the satisfied customer.

3. The Decision: What convinced you to buy the book? This can help others justify their decision to purchase.

4. The Impact: Can you share specific results from reading the book? This is where the gold lies — specific, tangible outcomes from engaging with your work.

5. The Recommendation: To whom would you recommend this book, and why? It’s a subtle yet powerful way to extend the reach of your influence.

Crafting the Perfect Testimonial

The magic happens in the edit. Remove the questions, transcribe the responses, and voilà — you have a compelling narrative that sings your book’s praises.

Multi-Format Testimonials

Don’t just limit yourself to text. A video testimonial can be visually powerful, and an audio snippet can add a touch of authenticity to your marketing efforts.

The Multiplicative Effect of Testimonials

A single testimonial is good; two are better. Ten can start a trend, and twenty can dominate the market. The more authentic testimonials you have, the more convincing your book becomes to potential readers.

How to Solicit Testimonials That Sell

So, how do you apply this to your indie publishing journey? Let’s break it down:

1. Reach Out: After your book launch, follow up with readers who have engaged with your book. Ask for feedback and express genuine interest in their opinion.

2. Guide the Conversation: Use the five-question format to guide the testimonial. It helps if you frame it as a casual chat about their experience with your book.

3. Record for Authenticity: With permission, record the conversation. This gives you content to transcribe and the option to use audio or video clips.

4. Follow Up: Always send a thank you note. Building relationships with your readers can turn them into lifelong fans.

If you’re an indie author looking to elevate your marketing game, reach out to me, Eric G. Reid, at Skinny Brown Dog Media. We specialize in helping authors like you enrich their testimonials and amplify their sales.

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Together, we can turn your readers’ praise into your next great marketing campaign. Connect with me, and let’s create testimonials that not only showcase your book but also turn browsers into buyers.

Your story deserves to be read. Let’s ensure it gets the spotlight it merits with testimonials that resonate and compel. Take the step today to enrich your reader testimonials and watch as your book climbs the ranks of indie success.



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