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Staying Virtual?!?!?

Eric G Reid
2 min readAug 20, 2020



Working Virtual as a Long Term Solution’

As you read this remember what I’ve said about the importance of ‘Seeing the Entire Playing Field.”

I know its sexy right now to think no one is going to need to come back to the office and we can all work on Zoom forevermore.


Think again.

Here’s what happened.

People left with their laptops scared poopless they were going to lose their jobs, salaries, benefits, and worked vigorously.

The adrenaline’s worn off, their fear-driven productivity no longer there and now holes are emerging.

Training is more difficult.

Accountability is more difficult.

Teamwork is more difficult.

Home distractions make it difficult.

The list goes on and the marketplace says people working from home are getting fatigued.

Problems that were solved in an hour in the office… are now taking a day in a virtual environment.

Not to mention most company leases are 5 years or longer… so they’ll come back… forget this ever happened and it’ll be ‘remember when…?’

People have proven to have insanely short memories.

Yes, there are many positives that have emerged.

My conclusion:

A small percentage will stay remote.

A large percentage will go back to normal.

Many will adopt a hybrid with more flexibility for their staff.

This idiotic nightmare will end.

Keep this in mind when providing strategic direction for your team.

Now more than ever you need to be building a company voice and community around that voice.

The one thing that will hold your team tight and connected regardless of the work location is a commonly stated purpose.

And remember the new way of doing things is not going to look like some version of the old does not have to built to look like a version of the old way of doing things. Now is a great time to rebuild and rebrand.



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