The Grand Dance of Authorship: An Ironic Tale of Self-Commitment

Eric G Reid
4 min readSep 18, 2023

Ah, the illustrious world of author collectives! A realm where words flow like wine and where calendars are as mythical as unicorns. But let’s embark on a whimsical journey through the looking glass of self-commitments, shall we?

Chapter 1: The Sacred Rendezvous

Imagine, for a fleeting moment, that you have an appointment of paramount importance. Perhaps it’s a clandestine meeting with Sherlock Holmes or just a casual chat with Dobby from HR. Do you jot it down on a scrap of parchment? Or perhaps, with great ceremony, inscribe it onto your grandiose calendar, encircled with the feathers of a phoenix?

And as the fated hour approaches, do you make a grand entrance, cape billowing, or perhaps choose to be conspicuously absent? For the mere mortals among us, the answers are as predictable as a plot twist in a telenovela: “By Jove, I’d be there!”

Chapter 2: The Irony of Self-Appointments

But now, let’s stir the cauldron of irony. Envision this: an appointment with — brace yourselves — *yourselves*. The sheer audacity!

From the tales whispered in the dimly lit corners of author taverns, it appears that when it comes to their own writing and marketing escapades, the calendar is as elusive as a dragon’s lair. And if, by some stroke of magic, these tasks do find their way onto this legendary calendar, they’re more akin to gentle suggestions than the stern edicts one might anticipate.

Distractions? They’re not merely lurking in the shadows; they’ve taken center stage! Delays? They’ve been crowned the unsung heroes of the narrative.

Chapter 3: A Twist in the Tale

But, dear reader, indulge in this flight of fancy. What if, in a riveting plot twist, you treated your collective endeavors with the same gravitas as, say, a quest for the Holy Grail or a midnight waltz with vampires?

What if you raised a goblet to your own commitments with the same fervor as you would to a sacred pact with fellow authors?

Such a delightful shift in perspective might just transform your productivity from a languid stroll in the park to a rambunctious carnival parade. After all, in the grand opera of authorship, isn’t it high time you took center stage?

Chapter 4: The Dance of Priorities

It’s a curious thing, priorities. For when it comes to others, we’re as punctual as a train in Switzerland. But when the spotlight turns to our own tasks, suddenly time becomes as slippery as a fish and as elusive as a leprechaun’s pot of gold.

Why, one might ask, do we authors, with our grand imaginations and flair for drama, relegate our own tasks to the wings while distractions take the limelight? Is it fear? Procrastination? Or perhaps just the age-old irony of the creative mind?

Chapter 5: The Grand Finale

In the final act of our tale, let’s dream a little dream. A world where author collectives, with their boundless talent and shared visions, treat their own commitments with the reverence of a Shakespearean sonnet. Where writing sessions are as sacred as solstices and marketing meetings as anticipated as a masquerade ball.

In this world, productivity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a symphony, a dance, a celebration. And as the curtain falls, one can’t help but wonder: isn’t it time we authors, with our penchant for irony and our love for the dramatic, finally gave ourselves the standing ovation we so richly deserve?

Encore: A Call to Quills

So, dear collective of authors, as you pen your next masterpiece or plot your next marketing strategy, remember this whimsical tale. For in the grand dance of authorship, every step, every twirl, every leap matters. And who better to lead the dance than you?

Curtain Call: Your Move, Dear Authors

So, you’ve waltzed through our tale, chuckled at our ironies, and perhaps even nodded in begrudging agreement. Now, what? Will you return to the shadows, letting your commitments flutter away like forgotten dreams? Or will you, with a twinkle in your eye and a smirk on your lips, take the reins of your own narrative?

If you’re itching to lead the next dance, to embrace the whimsy and irony of true commitment, then don your finest quill and parchment. Reach out to our merry band of author aficionados, and let’s pen the next chapter together. After all, every great tale needs a sequel, and who better to co-author it than you?

Join our whimsical writer’s community, where irony meets action. Because, why merely read about the dance when you can be the star?



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