The Legend of Liam: Breathing Life into Dormant Tales

Eric G Reid
3 min readSep 11, 2023

In the rugged town of Inkridge, every man, woman, and child was a storyteller. Some narrated tales of fierce battles, while others recounted legends of ancient treasures. Among them was Liam, a young scribe whose debut chronicle was filled with valor and intrigue. Yet, despite the adventures within its pages, his book sales were as slow as the ancient oak’s growth in the town center.

One dusk, as Liam sharpened his quill by the fireside, a raven dropped a letter sealed with a warrior’s crest. It was from Cedric, the town’s most renowned bard.

“Dear Liam,” the letter began, “Rumors of your chronicle’s valor have reached my ears, but also of its silent echo in Inkridge’s marketplaces. Fear not, for every legend has its moment of glory. Here are some strategies I’ve honed over my years to help your tale find its warriors.”

1. The Precision Strike:
Cedric emphasized the importance of targeting. “Imagine trying to sell a sailor’s compass to mountain tribes,” he wrote. “Identify the first 1000 souls who would truly resonate with your chronicle. Understand their desires, fears, and aspirations. Tailor your tale to be the adventure they seek.”

2. The Brotherhood Scroll:
“Every bard needs a brotherhood,” Cedric advised. “Gather loyal followers and share with them tales, previews, and mysteries from your world. Offer them exclusive glimpses, like a behind-the-scenes look or a character’s backstory, in exchange for their allegiance on your scroll.”

3. The Arena’s Roar:
“Choose your battleground,” Cedric suggested. “Not every arena, just the one where your warriors congregate. Share tales, challenges, and duels. Consistency, young Liam, is your sword and shield. It’s better to rally your troops twice a week than to summon an army and lose them in the chaos.”

4. The Allies’ Call:
“Recall the Siege of Inkridge, when neighboring tribes came to our aid? Your network is that alliance. Rally them to champion your tale, to spread its legend, and to amplify its call.”

5. The Shield’s Reflection:
“Sometimes, a warrior’s shield doesn’t reflect his valor. Examine the famed armors of our realm. What metals, emblems, and designs do they bear? Perhaps your chronicle needs a new armor to shine.”

6. The Battle Cry:
“A warrior’s reputation is built on his deeds,” Cedric penned. “Ensure your chronicle’s summary is a battle cry, compelling readers to join your quest.”

7. The War Drums:
“Every drumbeat rallies more to the cause. Gather testimonials, for they are the drums that will make your chronicle reverberate across Inkridge and the lands beyond.”

8. The Golden Banners:
“At times, a touch of gold can rally the masses. Invest wisely, choose the right marketplaces, and let the town heralds raise your banners high.”

With each word, Liam felt a fire ignite within him. Armed with Cedric’s wisdom, he embarked on a quest to cast these strategies, merging the art of war with the craft of storytelling.

Every legend, no matter how subdued, has the power to inspire. With the right strategies, a touch of perseverance, and a warrior’s spirit, even the most dormant tales can rise to legendary status.

Whenever you’re ready, noble reader, remember that every legend, including yours, holds valor. It’s just about finding the right strategy to share it with the world.

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