The Mighty Force of Writer Communities: 5 Strategies for Aspiring Authors

Eric G Reid
4 min readNov 20, 2023

In the world of writing and authorship, there exists a formidable yet often overlooked element — the power of writer communities. These communities have the potential to transform budding wordsmiths into literary emperors. Today, we will explore five psychology-backed strategies that harness the strength of writer communities to fuel your journey towards becoming a prolific author.

1. Give Your Writing Community a Voice

Picture a writing platform that not only showcases the works of its creators but also encourages its members to share their own literary tales. This is where writer communities truly shine. Instead of solely focusing on your own narratives, consider platforms like Writing Hub, where members can contribute their stories, poems, and essays. Such an approach shifts passive readers into active contributors and provides them with a sense of validation. After all, humans are inherently social beings, and when their voices are heard and acknowledged, profound connections are forged.

Key Takeaway: Don’t just write for your audience; empower them to write too. Offering opportunities for your fellow writers to share their voices nurtures loyalty and fortifies the sense of belonging within the community.

2. Be Relatable as a Writer

In a literary landscape often dominated by grandiose prose and unattainable ideals, it’s refreshing to see writers who remain down-to-earth and relatable. Instead of portraying the unattainable literary genius, consider showcasing writers who could be your everyday neighbor, coworker, or friend. This relatable approach not only humanizes the craft but also makes it more accessible to aspiring authors. Authenticity and relatability foster strong connections within writer communities.

Another noteworthy example is the writer Anne Lamott, who has bared her soul through her struggles and experiences in the writing world. This vulnerability has earned her a dedicated following and underscores the power of authenticity.

3. Give Your Writing Community a Sense of Ownership

The Endowment Effect, a psychological principle, posits that people attach greater value to things they’ve had a hand in creating. Writer communities can capitalize on this by actively seeking feedback from their members on writing topics, style choices, or even the direction of the community itself. Involving writers in the decision-making process turns them into co-creators and makes them feel a deeper connection to the community’s purpose.

Key Takeaway: Engage your writer community in the process of creating and shaping the content. Give them a sense of ownership over the literary journey, and you’ll witness increased commitment and enthusiasm.

4. Showcase Social Proof

The Bandwagon Effect, a well-documented psychological phenomenon, reveals our inclination to align with popular opinions or actions, even if they contradict our personal beliefs. It harks back to our primal instincts for survival when being part of a tribe increased our chances of survival. In the context of writer communities, showcasing real success stories of authors who have thrived within the community can be a powerful motivator. It communicates that if “everyone else” can find success here, you can too.

Key Takeaway: Utilize social proof within your writer community. Highlight the genuine success stories and experiences of your fellow writers to build trust and inspire others on their literary journey.

5. Harness the Power of Storytelling

In the realm of writer communities, mastering the art of storytelling is paramount. Writers often underestimate the potency of storytelling within their content. When we immerse ourselves in a well-crafted narrative, a phenomenon known as “neural coupling” occurs. It’s as if the same areas of our brain that light up when we experience something directly also light up when we hear a story about it. As writers, when we share stories, we don’t just convey information; we offer experiences.

Key Takeaway: People remember emotions more vividly than facts. Engage your writer community with compelling narratives that allow them to journey alongside you. Don’t just provide information; offer them a literary adventure.

In the world of writing and authorship, writer communities are your most potent allies. These five strategies, rooted in psychology, can help you harness the power of these communities to propel your writing journey. Give your fellow writers a voice, be relatable, involve them in content creation, showcase social proof, and wield the magic of storytelling. When you do, you won’t just be a writer; you’ll be a leader within a thriving literary empire, nurtured by the collective creativity and support of your writer community.

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