Unlocking the Art of Purposeful Messaging: A Guide for Authors

Eric G Reid
4 min readSep 20, 2023
A Guide for Authors

Messaging is so much more than well-crafted words strung together.

Your messaging gives voice to your sacred purpose. It’s how you share your spiritual gifts and call others to grow. Messaging brings your inner light to the outer world.

But finding the right words isn’t easy, is it?

You burn with purpose, yet struggle to articulate your vision. Your messaging falls flat or fades into the noise.

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, our calling is to help thought leaders and world changers like yourself clarify and amplify your unique voice. To shape words that resonate deeply and compel action.

In this quick guide, I’ll walk you through the art and soul of purposeful messaging. You’ll discover how to:

- Uncover your origin story
- Understand your readers’ inner worlds
- Craft words that resonate in hearts
- Share stories that challenge and uplift
- Spread your message with passion and conviction

My Messaging Journey

Like you, messaging didn’t come naturally to me at first. I had so much I longed to share, but felt unsure of how to articulate it.

But after much reflection, study, and guidance from mentors, I unlocked the power of purposeful words.

Now, I help other spiritual thought leaders like yourself find your voice too. Because we need your special gifts in the world!

The journey isn’t always easy. But with commitment to your vision and the right support, your messaging will transform lives.

Clarity of Purpose Fuels Impactful Messaging

Above all, remember why your work matters beyond you.

Get clear on the core spiritual purpose guiding your offerings. How are you uniquely called to serve and uplift your audience?

Your origin story and soul gifts should drive your messaging. Words flow freely when purpose leads.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Now, get to know the inner world of those you’re called to serve. As if you’re meeting a dear friend for the first time.

What frustrates and motivates them? What objections and assumptions do they carry? What transformations do they ache for?

When you know their hearts, crafting resonant messaging becomes effortless.

Shape Words That Change Lives

Thoughtfully weave together phrases and stories that convey:

- Your spiritual gifts and soul passions
- The core breakthroughs your audience will experience
- How you’ll gently guide them into growth
- Why you’re the perfect mentor for their journey

Use vivid language that helps them envision their desired transformations.

Speak with Conviction and Heart

Share your message with zeal, passion and courage. Let your energy elevate your words.

Remember, your voice is a gift this world needs. Have faith in the seeds you’re planting through courageous words.

Refining Your Voice is a Lifelong Journey

Expect to continually refine your messaging as you grow in purpose. Listen carefully to feedback and adjust accordingly.

But stay rooted in your core vision and the truth you’re here to reveal. The right people will resonate with your authentic voice.

Well, those are the key guideposts I’ve uncovered on the path of purposeful messaging. I hope they spark insights and ideas!

Transform Your Messaging and Magnify Your Purpose

Are you feeling called to share your spiritual gifts and purpose with the world, but struggling to find the right words?

You have a sacred message burning within, eager to uplift and empower others. But translating your passion into strategic messaging that resonates is no easy task.

At Skinny Brown Dog Media, this is our specialty. We guide awakened thought leaders like yourself to clarify, refine and amplify your voice.

We begin by getting to know the real you — beyond the titles and bios. We dig deep into what ignites your soul and the legacy you long to leave. Core purpose always guides our process.

With messaging, we speak to the hearts of your ideal readers — not just their heads. We uncover emotional triggers and desires. What keeps them up at night? What transformations do they crave? When we know their inner world, messaging flows.

Together, we tune your unique voice, tone and cadence. We shape words and stories that reveal the authentic you. And we ensure your message elevates what makes you special, not just skilled.

Collaborating with our team of publishing strategists, you’ll feel seen, heard and inspired. We handle the heavy lifting of crafting messaging that aligns with your spiritual mission.

You focus simply on your calling to uplift others. Trust us to magnify your purpose through transformational words.

Are you ready to inspire change and impact lives? We’re honored to guide your journey. Let’s get you out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

Reach out today and let’s clarify your purpose, polish your messaging, and share your sacred gift with the world. Info@skinnybrowndogmedia.com



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